Love and Other Thugs

Hey, y’all!

How’s it goin’? As we all know, V-Day has come, caused chaos (at least in India, it has) and gone. As I flip through Valentine’s Day articles, the yawn-fest of the moral brigades who claim to uphold the holier-than-anything-in-the-frickin’-universe Hindu culture as they shun such ‘western’ and ‘indecent’ concepts while threatening gormless lovers makes me ponder over the banality of the issue at hand.

What IS the big deal with Valentine’s Day and the Indian? It’s just another way to mark the importance of love and show one’s gratitude towards someone significant in one’s life like we do on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, XYZ Day – ain’t it? Then why do the moral policing brigades rain down on those who profess their affection to their loved ones on February 14? How is a rose or a violet going to uproot Indian youth from the Vedas and Yoga on this marked day – or any other day for that matter?

Come Valentine’s Day, Sri Rama Sene’s minions don full regalia, get their sniffer dogs ready to fetch lovestruck Munnu and Munni, beat the living daylight out of them and proclaim victory of Hindu culture over the West. In Guwahati this year, cops had actually chalked out a plan (instead of handling the general lawlessness in the N.E., precious time went into this!) to fence off local parks as officials pointed out, ”We often receive complaints from senior citizens and various organisations regarding immoral activities going on in the city’s parks.” I don’t endorse people going all the way in public but, is giving a card and candy an immoral activity? Is holding hands one?

I think India has seen enough nonsensical violence on account Valentine’s Day, Rose Day and What-Not Day. The nation’s grown-ups need to grow up. Valentine’s Day just signifies heartfelt emotion between a woman and a man. Indian society needs to realize that love between a woman and man is natural and pure. It isn’t something a society ought to shun. In fact, it is this sort of love that creates life – the most joyful thing on Earth!

The problem stems from the fact that most people confuse romantic love with sex. As society looks at sex and everything related to it as ‘dirty’ and perverse, moral policing and unnecessary violence ensue. However, the notion could not be farther from the basic truth that love and sex are not one and the same! I agree that love may lead to sex but, then again, it may not – who’s to say? And if sex is as filthy as the Indian perceives it to be, why is India’s population exceeding that of Deinococcus radiodurans? The land of ‘The Kamasutra’ really ought to know better! Let lovers be. Let Valentine’s Day be.

It’s just love, you know.

Note: I was happy to read that this year RSS refrained from violence and let people celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘decently’ albeit with the resigned statement from Sh. Om Dutt Sharma, “What is the use or point. We cannot stop them from celebrating, and we are getting a bad reputation.” At least it’s a start. Perhaps it’s time that other such puritanical organizations take cue from the ‘marathi maanoos’ (Never thought the day would come when RSS would be used as an example of shunning violence!) and stop harassing innocent romance.