Normal is What Fairytales Are Made of

Let’s start by making a simple graph to test how normal you are. Oh, wait. What determines the axes of the normalcy quotient? Where does the scale begin and end? Which group ought to be the control batch? What is normal? Who is? Who decides the parameters for normalcy? Not sure? In that case, let’s take a poll instead:-

As per Psychology, one free of any mental illness is considered normal. Alternatively,  a person’s conformity to routine pattern is considered normal. However, Psychology also states that every person suffers from one or more mental disorders, although variation in degree separates one from the other. In a world where the island continent celebrates Christmas, the festival of ‘Winter Wonder’, in beachwear, what is ‘routine pattern’?

The concept of normalcy is relative at best! To the unique, normalcy is a myth! In all frankness, normal is nothing but a kind substitute for commonplace. Someone who is average in most capacities. Someone who is normal, just is. Why do most people aim to be normal then? To be at par with the other? If so, why is the constant need to put one another down? Why have the concept of excelling at all if society’s aim is to ‘fit in’ in the first place? If you aim to be normal average, average you will be. Your life will be average, your aspirations will be average, your failures will be average but, so will your victories. Not only will you strive to be average, you will subconsciously try to make others conform. The ones you can’t control, you will detest. You will despise them and jealousy driven passion will set in. And you all know where that leads – nowhere.

Of course, you think you’re setting an example by being prim and ‘propah’. Nope. Your sole achievement by being common is giving the unique ones a better chance to rise up. So, thanks for that. In the slightest chance that this has given you a hint of perspective, come join the few who’re brave enough to be weird. It’s a wonderful world, one where you can breathe freely and nobody judges you on what you wear, how you eat or how you sleep. For the unique only care about your uniqueness, what makes you special, what makes you ‘YOU’.