Midnight Snacks on Mars with Owls

The cool wind, fine moonlight, twinkling stars. You catch a peek of Mars now and then in the night sky and sigh for you love this time of night. Trees seem to sway in rhythm, almost singing to the moonlit skies and the cool breeze appears to serenade the scintillating stars as the wise owl looks on.

It’s that time again, when everyone is asleep, no one interrupts you, when you can actually hear your own thoughts reverberating through the cosmos, uninterrupted. Maybe, you’re tuned in enough to hear what the universe is saying to you, too. Yes, being a night owl has many perks.

The city one lives in has a completely different feel post 10 p.m. – it’s like a whole new place one yearns to explore. Forget pubs, try going to the beach or a park at night. Sigh. Few things are of such breathtaking beauty.

And, midnight snacks. Ah, midnight snacks are comfort food like none other. Whether it’s an orange or a yummy leftover chicken sandwich, few things are more satisfying than a delicious midnight snack! Also, enjoy your Mac n’ Cheese as you stream the newest episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ or ‘Gossip Girl‘, internet speeds are awesome at night, try downloading 300¬†MB¬†movies in less than fifteen minutes at any other time of day!

Some people find the night-time to be ideal for studying, writing (O Hai There!), reading, introspection, composing music (Chris Martin, A.R. Rahman) and what not! It is truly an exquisite time and, for all those morning birds missing out on all the action, fear not for an early riser and a late sleeper are not that many hours apart!

Suddenly, Everyone’s an Expert?

The incredible power of Google (Bing?) has made every second person informed about sports, medicine, health, authors, issues, etc. That, and arrogance.

You have a problem, Google it. Need directions, Google it! Feeling nauseous, Google, Google, Bing! All that is fine but, what really gets my goat is when people say they know a lot on the subject because they’ve read so much about it online. Pardon me, but your ‘Yahoo! Answers‘ inspired cock-and-bull doesn’t really do much because it’s from as unreliable a source as any.

My basic point is that there’s too much emphasis on second-hand information and not too many people actually ‘know’ stuff. At the most, they have read or really researched the bare minimum of things and pass off their internet acquired know-how as intellectual prowess!

If you’re an avid RHCP fan, you’ll know pretty much all the lyrics to their songs and the reasons behind them. You will not be half as concerned about who dated whom and who did which drugs. If you adore Henry James and love a particular book of his, you’ll actually have a copy of the book, one which is well-worn and dog-eared. You won’t be reeling off stupid facts that hold no real significance to his life and work like you knowing a dike which serves an amazing cocktail called ‘Henry James’ or ‘Maisie’s Delite’ which as per you, ‘captures the essence of HJ’. These things don’t make you an expert. They make you come off as an arrogant idiot. Please.