Things You End Up Doing On A Lazy Day

Okay, so today happens to be a pretty Sun-less, windy day (Yaaay! Fall’s here!) and as it happens, I’ve spent the whole, entire day being jobless.

This doesn’t mean I ain’t got stuff to do. Oh, no, no. I got deadlines, beb. But, I’ve just spectacularly whiled away the day and, this list of things below is further testament. So, read on, amigos:-

1. Watched ‘Hysteria’ – FYI, totes-amazing movie, y’all!

2. Watched the latest episode (partially, still saving the end for tonight) of ‘White Collar

3. Have been channeling my inner gay guy today hence, the tone of the blog-post

4. Watched this video… TWICE

5. Downloaded loadsa songs

6. Made pasta. Started watching some shit on YT, messed up pasta, spent the next half hour fixing pasta

7. Ate pasta. It was gooooood. No, really. It was. (Once I scraped off the burnt bits, it tasted scrumptious.)

8. Drank ‘x’ glasses of Iced Tea – with lemon, with allspice, with IDUNNOJUSTPUTTHISINTOTHEGLASSIT’LLTASTEAWESOMEYO

9. Read some blog-posts

10. Gossiped with folx (folks)

11. Coined new slang term – folx (FYI, folks)

12. Made coffee. Put too much coffee in. Still drinking said coffee…

13. Stared outside at the yellowing trees with LDR’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ on full blast

14. Watched ‘How To’ videos and read some ‘How To’ blog-posts

15. Ate some more pasta (post-scraping burnt bits off, of course)

16. Wrote this blog-post after starting it waaaaay back (like when it was not dark and stuff outside)

17. Panicking a little about tomorrow but, YOLO

18. Finally used ‘YOLO’ in the douche-y way it ought to be used

19. Still staring (squinting, really) at the yellowing trees outside but, with Aerosmith’sCrazy‘ on

20. FINALLY, posting this list after editing it (W/e, I know there’s not much to edit but, a 20 point list > 19 point list. Deal with it.)

So, how do you guys while away awesomely lazy days like these? And, how do you motivate yourself to get any work done at all on such days?

Note: Finished work for tomorrow, feeling much better now!


That bit of a song’s lyrics that defines its meaning for me

Here we go, in no particular order:

>>It’s So Easy – Gn’R

It’s so easy, easy

When everybody’s tryin’ to please me baby

>>Hurt – Johnny Cash cover (Original by NIN, lyrics by Trent Reznor)

And you can have it all,

My empire of dirt

I will let you down
I will make you hurt

>>Feel – Robbie Williams

There’s a hole in my soul
Can’t you see it in my face
Of real disgrace

>>Private EyesHall & Oates

Don’t lie when you’re hurting inside 

‘Cause you can’t escape my 

Private eyes

>>Be Somebody – Kings of Leon

Given a chance I’m gonna be somebody
If for one dance I’m gonna be somebody
Open the door it’s gonna make you love me
Facing the floor I’m gonna be somebody

>>Violet Hill – Coldplay

I took my love down to Violet Hill

There we sat in snow

All that time she sat still

>>Pumped Up KicksFoster the People

Yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger

I reason with my cigarette

And say you hair’s on fire, you must have lost your wits, yeah

>>Best of you – Foo Fighters 

I’ve got another confession my friend
I’m no fool
I’m getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new

>>Never Gonna Leave This Bed – Maroon 5  

Take it, take it all, take all that I have
I’d give it all away just to get you back
And fake it, fake it, I’ll take what I can get
Knocking so loud, can you hear me yet?

Try to stay awake, but you can’t forget

>>People Are CrazyBilly Currington

God is great

Beer is good and,

People are crazy

>>Major Minus – Coldplay

You could hear them climbing the stairs

Got my right side fighting while

My left hides under the chairs

>>Ego – Beyonce ft. Kanye West

My ego is my imaginary friend
He was with me when I was only imagining
I had dreams of the league,
One day I’d play Kobe or walk up to Puff
And, he would really know me.
Couldn’t let the dream killers kill my self-esteem.
Or use the arrogance as the steam that power my dreams and my ego

>>Ironic – Alanis Morissette

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out
Helping you out 

>>You Learn – Alanis Morissette

I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone, yeah
I recommend walking around naked in your living room, yeah 

>>Did You Say – Lemon Sun

Your eyes somewhere in a dream
Your mind somewhere in between
I know the world is gonna shape you now