Things I Saw in the ER

1. A septuagenarian African American mother of two lying on a flimsy stretcher, clutching her stomach, writhing in pain and screaming for a doctor. It took fifteen minutes of her pleading for help till a nurse came and gave her some Morphine. The poor lady was in so much pain that in an hour’s time (when the Morphine wore off), she started to writhe in pain again. Apparently, her intestines had some kind of blockage and some complications led to internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. Later, we found out that she had Cancer (of the mouth) and had started Chemotherapy the same day.

2. A fifty-something ex-Military guy who had slipped and had a fall in the snow. He had broken his ankle and shin bone. He didn’t have insurance and had been put in a wheelchair for close to fifteen hours – without treatment or anything.

3. A Medicaid worker who was going from bed to bed, asking people if they had insurance. Good to know at least someone was paying attention to these poor people since, the ones without insurance were pretty much left to their own devices.

4. Of the six nurses, only two were actually doing their job.

5. My friend and I had to wait for three hours to get an X-Ray done. At the Radiology place, I had to pretty much demand that I be shown me my X-Ray – which I saw as it was being generated to be sent to my Physician. And, I was not even allowed to see it finally. My own X-Ray!! Apparently, we would have to go to the ‘Medical Records’ section and request a copy of my X-Ray. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?  Of course, once pressurized, the authorities then deigned to give a CD.

6. The three (two friends – one joined later) of us had to go and pester the nurse close to twenty times and then a doctor came and saw us. It took all of ten minutes to do the needful medical stuff – which he did well and was quite thorough – but, we had to wait for close to seven hours!! Preposterous.

It is sad but, I think I have had to be quite brusque these past few days. It seems to be the swiftest way that these protocol lines are lifted and things get done.

In my experience and from what little I have seen in the ER (in my experience and I also have been to other hospitals, accompanying others and they have been similar experiences), the medical system here in the US really needs to be more efficient. (The bills sure don’t do justice to medical attention received.)

The systems are in place but, there is so much protocol and so much legal hoopla involved that it renders the ones requiring medical attention quite high and dry. The system really needs to be revised so that the ones requiring medical attention can get timely and good care.

Note: I actually have a LOT to say about a lot of issues but, I am on medication at this point and will write more elaborate pieces once I feel a bit better. Till then, Happy Reading, good WordPress folx =)

Things I Bought for Myself Over the Weekend

A Beige down jacket with an overlarge hood, to keep me warm and toasty through these cold Nor’Eastern winter perambulations through town. A pair of squeaky white sneakers, to keep me agile when I run to catch the ‘N’, just making it as the doors start sliding to a close. An organic soap bar with hints of Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Orange oil, to wash away the grime, dirt, stress and fatigue accumulated over the course of the day. The smorgasbord of delectable ingredients will run smoothly over my skin, thoroughly removing traces of anything unnecessary and rejuvenating everything wonderful so that I feel like I’ve taken a bath when I take a bath. A foot soak – mint and eucalyptus, so wondrously aromatic and relaxing, so that when I give myself a pedicure, my feet feel like they’ve been massaged by cherubic angels and my muscle soreness feels soothed by salves made from feathers, clouds and a bit of blue sky.

Can’t wait to try ’em all.

Sleeping in Style

Okay guys. So, I’ve just been lolling around on my bed for the whole entire day and now I’m fed up. I got tired of lying on my back and subsequently, resting my back against the wall as I balanced my laptop on my lap (I take connotations very seriously and, literally.)

So, I went into belly-first mode and it was the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING EVARRR. As usual, I decided to Google this position and OH JOY so many hits on sleeping positions, posture and body language came up! So, I decided to give you guys the long and short on sleeping positions *Ta Dah*! Enjoy! :-

The Prone Position: Lying on your stomach. Folks who lie on heir bellies as they sleep have strong compulsive tendencies, are stubborn personalities and are persistent and goal-oriented.


The Royal Position: Lying on you back. People who sleep on their backs exposing themselves are secure, self-involved and laidback.


The Semi-Fetal Position: Lying on your side. This is the most common sleep position and also the best way to sleep as per doctors. These people are conciliatory, compromising and non-threatening.


The Full-Fetal Position: Lying curled up, like a fetus in the womb. These folk are highly emotional, sensitive and artistic.


Next time you sleep, be careful for you may just be giving away your deepest needs!



Sidebar: I’ve just been really bimbo-esque in this post ‘cuz, well, I’ve just spent the entire day catching up on my T.V. show backlog.

What’s Happening to Us All?

I see all these women hurrying along footpaths, their pastel sarees bunched up just enough to expose their Paragon chappals and Metro sandals, one eye in front as they search their sensible sienna handbags to whip out their cell phones and call up someone or the other.

I look around and spot a sea of middle aged, salt-and-pepper haired men on the parallel road, primly dressed in collared, half-sleeved striped blue-and-white or just plain blue shirts ending at sensibly bargained Rs. 95 pleather belts holding up their charcoal grey trousers. They look left, then right and then left again… at least a few do, as they cross the road at different intervals dodging the odd autorickshaw threateningly honking and return the glares of rotund, curly-haired, mustachioed men on pistachio green Bajaj scooters.

I turn away and glance inside a share auto; two men – probably in their thirties, sit and make small talk on big issues. The one near the window has a leaky pen in his shirt pocket, the off-white cloth stains as he speaks, the royal blue ink seeps into the coarse cotton threads, deeply; three twenty-something college-going girls sit opposite them – wide-eyed, fresh-faced women, eagerly discussing something appropriately scandalous about a batch-mate – perhaps her boyfriend sexts her during class, perhaps she does. Their hurried whispers escape through their hand-cupped mouths as their guilty, sweeping glances search the auto for a knowing look or an admonishment. Hoping no one overhears or understands their wanton gossip, loaded acronyms are gleefully passed on among the trio; childish, mean giggles ensue.

The driver in front looks ahead, unimpressed by the snaking line of metal-on-rubber boxes of which he’s a fragment; he sighs as another long day comes to an end. He looks over at the sidewalk, smoothens his wiry hair, or what’s left of it and leches at buxom and lithe women alike as they pass by the share auto.

Barely halting to notice the Lord Hanuman sticker on it’s bumper, the ladies walk as they tuck their frazzled hair behind imitation jewel adorned ears as the loosely strung jasmine flowers twisted around their untwisting hairknots hang on limply, they do notice the mundu-clad, beady-eyed driver and the two thirty-something men who’re ogling at them with equally dispassionate boredom now that something more interesting than today’s share market small talk has caught their fancy. They look ahead, their nostrils slightly flared and, silently busy themselves in searching for something, anything in their sensible sienna handbags; they walk on.

The light turns green; we move on, too.

When I Feel Like Punching People

You know those people who’re bloody annoying most of the time – they’re the inconsiderate, mean, nasty, gossip-mongering irritants who make your day foul, at least for a while after you’re done interacting with them. You think to yourself, why the heck am I talking to these good-for-nothings when you’re in the middle of a long, pointless monologue  -y conversation with them. Here are some of the characteristics of these irritating idiots and their annoying and pathetic problems :-

1. Whiners: All they do is whine about how they’re stuck doing something they didn’t want to. Or what somebody did to them. Or how their Ramen noodles always get burnt. Or how they got stood up – again. Well, why don’t you guys gaze inward and see where the real issue lies? Stop blaming everyone but yourself and quit making everyone else’s ears bleed.

2. Victims: These folk just want to blame someone and differ from ‘Whiners’ slightly as they think everyone is against them. Why, you ask? Well, obviously because everyone’s jealous of them/ takes advantage of their ‘good nature’ and because as they so succinctly put it themselves, ‘Nice guys always finish last’. Um, no. The only reason you finished last is because you didn’t run fast enough. Deal with it. Move on.

3. Arguers: In a previous post, I mentioned how a conversation often becomes an argument, a chance to be ‘right’. Arguers are the other half of that dialogue. Everything is a pet peeve and every topic has to sway in the direction they agree with. These folk just rant and rant and rant till you feel like you’re about to snap and slap them hard.

So, what makes you annoyed when interacting with another person?

Normal is What Fairytales Are Made of

Let’s start by making a simple graph to test how normal you are. Oh, wait. What determines the axes of the normalcy quotient? Where does the scale begin and end? Which group ought to be the control batch? What is normal? Who is? Who decides the parameters for normalcy? Not sure? In that case, let’s take a poll instead:-

As per Psychology, one free of any mental illness is considered normal. Alternatively,  a person’s conformity to routine pattern is considered normal. However, Psychology also states that every person suffers from one or more mental disorders, although variation in degree separates one from the other. In a world where the island continent celebrates Christmas, the festival of ‘Winter Wonder’, in beachwear, what is ‘routine pattern’?

The concept of normalcy is relative at best! To the unique, normalcy is a myth! In all frankness, normal is nothing but a kind substitute for commonplace. Someone who is average in most capacities. Someone who is normal, just is. Why do most people aim to be normal then? To be at par with the other? If so, why is the constant need to put one another down? Why have the concept of excelling at all if society’s aim is to ‘fit in’ in the first place? If you aim to be normal average, average you will be. Your life will be average, your aspirations will be average, your failures will be average but, so will your victories. Not only will you strive to be average, you will subconsciously try to make others conform. The ones you can’t control, you will detest. You will despise them and jealousy driven passion will set in. And you all know where that leads – nowhere.

Of course, you think you’re setting an example by being prim and ‘propah’. Nope. Your sole achievement by being common is giving the unique ones a better chance to rise up. So, thanks for that. In the slightest chance that this has given you a hint of perspective, come join the few who’re brave enough to be weird. It’s a wonderful world, one where you can breathe freely and nobody judges you on what you wear, how you eat or how you sleep. For the unique only care about your uniqueness, what makes you special, what makes you ‘YOU’.

My Fecund Imagination


Hello all.

Since this is my first post, it makes sense to outline the purpose of this venture. This will not only set the path upon which this seemingly innocuous step will put me (and, perhaps you) on but, it will also help me while away 20 minutes or so of idle time tonight.

I shall start off by letting you know that this page shall be extremely self-centered in nature and in the rare event that I think long enough to impart a view on an issue, I shall extol virtues that I will preach with prose akin to the viscosity of high fructose content syrup but, will never, ever practice.

Furthermore, I am particularly fond of weaving profanity into my work and enjoy incorporating twisted, creative slang wherever possible. As I am secular (in this regard), I embrace using all forms of verbal abuse – regional, international, aboriginal. In fact, in my honest opinion, the world would be a happier place if the usual swear word were used openly to vent off steam. Then, I would not be the only one being stared at when the C-word slips out on a busy intersection.

I indulge in constructing fables when I am in a mystical and delusional state of mind and put myself in the protagonist’s role mostly, nay, always. These anecdotes will be graphic in nature and may cause slight discomfort in a multitude of ways – physically, sub-consciously & psychologically. My errant tales have led to despair on more than one occasion to the audience.

In the rarest-of-rare event that I am in a ‘sunshine’ state of mind, I shall write of enjoyable, humorous, even hope laden topics that will make you believe that Xanadu is a place within reach; full of mirth, overflowing with possibility and goodness, verdant with cud-chewing bovine, frolicking deer and overlooking aquamarine freshwater lakes brimming with cool water that quenches the parched throat of the weary traveler. Rest assured, these will be few and far in between.

‘Til next time, then.

Sidebar: Also, I am partial to making inane lists and will promptly post them along with lofty ideals to complete the set. I have rarely finished one in terms of practical practice.