Me Gusta Que?


Here’s a list of all the stuff I adore – in no particular order! What’s life without these gems! Enjoy :-


I’m a FF (Frequent Flier – also showing off a li’l bit here) and I enjoy my journeys – right from packing (then again, not so much that part) to my plane/train/car journey, the places, the people, the sights, sounds and ‘my adventures’ – most I share, some I keep to myself but, all are fantastic! I love my fantastical (some of them really are other-worldly to me!)  journeys!

My Leather and Teak Armchair

My absolute favorite chair in the whole entire world! It’s been with me for a long, long time and even though it leaves a temporary yet, nasty butt impression once one gets up, I love sitting in it and reading/blogging/working!

French Manicures

I’m not too much of a nail enamel person. I find them garish and weird most of the time. French manicures make me feel good, well groomed and I’m always one to root for the minimalist, natural look.

Scratching an Itch

There’s something incredibly  pleasurable about scratching an itch, especially one which we’ve had to suppress for a while. I mean, one can’t scratch one’s itchy back in the middle of an important meeting! My personal favorite is scratching an itch caused by too tight socks!

Fun Videos/Shows

I love Sxephil, Nigga Higga, College Humor, Failblog, SourceFed (new!), Jarmaine (she is such a klutz!), Ellen, Stewart, Leno, RWJ (not so much of late but, he’s cool) and all the stuff on Comedy Central!


Aaaaah! Pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, fun notebooks – I adore them ALL! I used to hoard this stuff when I was younger till my mom threw out half of it! I adore a good ink pen with a fine nib and smooth ‘Royal Blue’ ink!

All of the INTERWEBZ

I really love the Internet and all the goodness it offers! it connects all of us to everything – such synergy and accessibility! It connects you to me!

Lip Balm

I adore lip balms – tinted, nude, sparkly, scented, herbal. It is the only cosmetic product I use diligently!

The American Dream

I really love the belief in the wonderful phrase, ‘The American Dream’! All it stands for – Freedom, Liberty and a fair chance to make it when one works with heart and soul makes me proud and determined to be a part of this unique culture! Now, I am an American of Indian origin and have been brought up in India but, I am so looking forward to going back to the USA and living my dream because I can, I need to, I want to, I must and, I will!

My Folks

Of course, I have a love-hate relationship with my folks but, family is family! For all the crap that I do, my folks are just awesome – they get it from me! I love the fact that my folks give me room to breathe and I am what I am because they’ve always encouraged me to go do my own thing. And, when they haven’t agreed initially, they’ve agreed finally because that’s just the kind of people we are – we want each other to be happy and we look out for each other but, we let each one make her/his own decision and wish each other well! Isn’t that what life is about?

Spending Time with Friends

Ah, genuine conversation, good vibes, good fun and great times with those I care about! I always have an amazing time with my friends – relaxing and fun at the same time! I love the times when a friend and I just sit quietly and do our own thing – the one exercise that truly embodies a level of comfort where we don’t need to  entertain each other because we can just be. And that’s perfect.

Good Books

Fiction. Mystery. Autobiographies. Spiritual. Philosophy. Journeys. Love stories. Classics. Corporate shizzle. Even a few course books. A few personal favorites are the HP series, Percy Jackson, Dan Brown, Famous Five, Gerald DurrellRuskin Bond, Archer, Sheldon, Higgins-Clark (Jr.), Freakonomics, Mohd. Hanif, Elif Shafak, Doyle, Russian anything, O. Henry, Maupassant, the list IS endless!! I enjoy them all! In fact, I think books account for 90% of my expenses!

Good Music

Anything Coldplay! Floyd. Mercury. Springsteen. Dylan (DYLAN!!!). The Replacements. The Rolling Stones. Aerosmith. RHCPFleetwood Mac. Country music. The occasional Heavy Metal stuff. LDR, LMFAO and Adele are recent additions.

Good Conversation

I love to share ideas, talk about current affairs, society, human beings, spirituality, God, perception, books, movies, music, subject related stuff (Abs-HO-lutely love group discussions and case studies!!!) What I don’t like is gossip and passing judgement on stuff.

Decorative Magnets

Decorative magnets are one of the few knick-knack items I adore! I enjoy picking them up – the more arcane, the better!


I really love the ‘Supreme Force’! I’m not very religious (not at all, actually) but, I find solace in speaking with God, discussing stuff with Her/Him and in general, have found clarity and happiness in my connection with my BFF!

This List

I love this list for it’s one that’s a reminder of all the stuff I adore and it’s gonna grow and grow and grow!