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Everyone has a favorite color, one which makes you feel awesome as soon as you lay your eyes on it! A color you like makes you think positively and cheers you up is your go-to shade, it’s true! You get up on the wrong side of bed, wear your favorite color – it could be in the form of a spunky dress or a somber button-down shirt that you adore and, lo-and-behold, your Joy-o-Meter just went up a notch! Your favorite color may just tell you a little more about yourself and your state of mind than you think! Read on :-

Purple has been associated with royalty and exclusivity. If you like this color, chances are you’re eccentric and have eclectic tastes. It also exudes mysticism, meditation and innovation. Someone going through a bevy of hormonal or emotional changes may also take a fancy to this color, according to Chromotherapy. Purple also signifies spirituality, encourages creativity and has a soothing effect on one’s nerves.

Purple denotes the ‘Crown Chakra’ which links the individual to the Universe!

As per Gemology, Purple stones such as ‘Amethysts’, ‘Lepidolites’ and ‘Purpurite‘ are recommended for those who are seeking inspiration and awareness.

Blue is a favorite of many. It is one of my favorite colors as well! Although Blue has been associated with ‘males’, it is equally favored by women and children. The color Blue signifies serenity. People who prefer more muted shades of Blue are often soft-pedaled and reposed. On the other hand, those inclined to shades such as ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘Brilliant Blue’ may be more energetic, tempestuous and dramatic in nature. Blue also signifies coolness and indifference. On yet another note, ‘feeling Blue’ is another emotion associated with the color!

Blue denotes the ‘Throat Chakra’ which is linked to communication.

As per Gemology, Blue stones like ‘Sapphires’ and ‘Lapis Lazuli‘ aid communication and help with poor sleep patterns and are said to alleviate nightmares as well.

Green is a close second when it comes to common favorite hues. I agree, I adore my green Beatles Tee – even when it’s faded and has holes here and there, I’d wear it everyday if I could! As a color, Green is everywhere – unless you live in a place where there are no trees and plants, that is. Green has been associated with invigoration and tranquility. When I think of Green, the image that comes to my mind is that of glistening, fresh leaves with dewdrops on them or endless, vibrant grass meadows. People who are partial to Green are caring, gentle and nurturing.

Green denotes the ‘Heart Chakra‘ associated with consciousness and love.

As per Gemology, Green stones like ‘Emeralds’ and ‘Butterstones’ help in attaining prosperity, fertility and growth.

Yellow is that shiny, happy color that we all see on ‘Smileys’. It denotes optimism, positivity and creativity. it is a mental stimulant and improves memory and aids in communication, as per Chromotherapy. Folks who adore Yellow are good leaders, reserved and methodical! Those who bend toward Mustard may be obstinate and others may look at them with suspicion.

Yellow signals to the ‘Solar Plexus Chakra’ which is associated with identity!

As per Gemology, Yellow stones like ‘Sulfur’ and ‘Amber’ empower the wearer with good decision-making skills and stimulate movement as well as mental alertness.

Orange is a shade that one either likes or hates! The color is typical of flamboyance, fun and energy. Orange stimulates appetite (Pumpkin risotto!) and encourages socialization! Those who adore Orange are helpful, outdoorsy and allies to the underdog. they are adrenaline junkies and may be impulsive as well!

Orange signals the ‘Sacral Hara Chakra’ which is identified with sexuality.

As per Gemology, Orange toned stones such as the ‘Sunstone’ and ‘Orange Elestial’ stimulate mental agility, flexibility and can pump up one’s self esteem!

Red, the color of passion and energy is host to a plethora of emotions and effects! The color is associated with love, drama, enthusiasm, anger, danger, sex and is symbolic of an aggressive and bold attitude. Those who go gaga for Red are in want of power and seek attention (Who can ignore the squiggly red lines on Spell-check!). These people are aggressive, sensual, energetic, dynamic and may be short-tempered. These people enjoy being outdoors as well.

Red signals the ‘Root Chakra‘ and is associated with practicality as well as the balance of bodily heat and the functioning of the circulatory system.

As per Gemology, red stones like the ‘Ruby’ and ‘Garnet’ stimulate dynamism, give one courage and help in overcoming sexual dysfunction.

Black has been associated with negativity – witches, the Dark Arts, death, misery, hollowness and the like. However, it also denotes reposed vacuum, sophistication, protection, seriousness, power and authority, as per Chromotherapy. People who like this color are perfectionists, problem-solvers and aloof. People also wear black to appear slimmer, to place a barrier between themselves and another, to be invisible and in mourning.

Black is not really associated with any ‘Chakra’.

Black Gemstones like the ‘Onyx’, ‘Nuummite’ and ‘Shungite’, as per Gemology, have protective energies.

White, the purest of them all! This color has been associated with purity, cleanliness and piousness. It is associated with death in Eastern cultures. Those who swear by White are shy, non-intrusive and feel that they are pure, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

White is associated with no ‘Chakras’.

The ‘Opal’, ‘Crystal Quartz’ and other White gemstones, as per gemology, are recommended for protection, good fortune and are associated with sleep and psychic energies as they are representative of the Moon.

Gray is a blend of black and white and is associated with gloom, being somber and undecided. It is also symbolic of loss, depression and emptiness (TV grains, remember?). Those who like Gray are practical, logical and stability.

Gray is associated with no ‘Chakras’.

Gray gemstones like the ‘Hematite’ and ‘Galena’ are associated with healing in Gemology and can help in finding and maintaining relationship stability.

So, go on, splash your life with color!

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