Things that Piss Me Off

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I made a list. All of us have pet peeves and things that annoy us. Some of us are pretty chilled out while some of us are purdy damned finicky! I think I’m kinda in-between, most things I let go but, some things just drive me up the wall! Here’s a list of stuff that really makes me want to punch someone in the face! So, beware amigos!

Idiots Driving Rashly

See, fella, we’re all in a hurry, there’s no need to honk endlessly and cuss and flip the ol’ bird! If you’re so eager to get to your destination, why did you not start earlier, fatass? Get off the road and buy a ‘copter or something and stop irritating us!

People Who Want to Stop and Chat When I’m Working Out

Um, I waved at you as we passed and you made eye contact, said ‘Hi’ and motioned I was walking, didn’t I? Then why the fuck are you blocking my path – and a moment not too soon, my favorite workout track just came on! Aaargh!! Just stay in your lane and walk, damn it! No, I don’t want to know what XYZ did and I’m not interested in telling you what I’m up to in the middle of my calorie-burn routine! Jeeezus!

Slow Internet

Few things are more irritating than slow internet. Slowly loading videos, half-loaded pages, requests ‘timing out’, hitting ‘refresh’ endlessly. REALLY. MAKES. ME. MAD.

Gossip in ‘That’ Tone

Now, everyone gossips. But, malicious gossip – especially in hushed tones or spoken with a vengeful tone is another thing. It makes me hate the Gossip and I hardly pay attention to the gossip. There’s so much negative passionate emotion that the Gossip is emanating, embellishment of facts is inadvertent. Also, s/he may just be seeking solace in spreading mean and untrue stuff about said person.

Pompous Asses

Two-bit hypocrites who toot their own horns make me go deaf and I really want to yell at them! You’re not thaaat great, asshole! Sure, you’ve done some commendable stuff and we admire that but, don’t remind us of your ‘All-India Judo-Karate Gold Medal – under 17′ every two minutes. Because. I. Will. Hit. You.

New ‘Magic Actions’ for Youtube

Aaaarghhh! This stupid feature is making me mad! Not only does my video screen automatically ‘darken’ for “a visual treat”, it messes up my settings, keeps on asking me to change to ‘X’ to ‘Z’ and automatically keeps logging me out!! WTF, Youtube? Get your shit together, damnit!

Stupid Ads on YT, TOI, Every Other Damned Place

To watch a 2 minute video, I have to endure Atul Kasbekar’s mile long nose, hirsute three-fourths’ clad legs and his toothy, lopsided grin for 1:48 minutes! IS THIS FAIR ON UNSUSPECTING NUBILE MINDS LIKE OURS?

Female Dumbasses

Really, when is the Supreme Force going to stop churning out vapid beauties or worse, vapid non-beauties? I don’t think I’ll be able to stop lashing out at another bimbo in stilts complaining of low ceilings.

Judgmental Assholes

Seriously, show yourselves out. I don’t need your stupid opinion or your useless judgment on what is, what ought to be and how things were. Nobody’s playing by your rules. They suck. So do you. Just fuck off.

People Who Encourage Stupidity

If I come across another set of parents praising their kid’s stupid shit, I am going to scream at them! FYI, having a million friends on ‘Facebook‘ is shit. Getting admission in some third grade B-school in Adelaide is crap. Showing us videos of Vimmo’s “rendition” of ‘Chammak Challo‘ is excruciating! And, then you ask why I’m sitting all alone in the corner at the get-together? Would you rather I asphyxiate amidst you waxing eloquent about darling Chunnoo and his irrelevant achievements?

Chris Brown & his Minions

Agreed, the guy can pop-and-lock and sing a mean tune. But, he’s a woman-assaulter. End. Of. Discussion. WTF are his supporters playing at? Are you guys mad that you’re endorsing assault and violence? And Rihanna, really? “RiRi” has just taken out a track in collaboration with this numbskull. What a shame!

The Extremely Gay Supreme Court of India

So, the Supreme Court’s cloaked senile have issued the wonderful statement, ‘Gay sex is highly immoral and against social order and there is high chance of spreading of diseases (like AIDS) through such acts.‘ Hallelujah! I think the ignorant and close minded attitude of epic douches which results in untrue statements such as the aforementioned is the reason AIDS spreads.