My Fecund Imagination


Hello all.

Since this is my first post, it makes sense to outline the purpose of this venture. This will not only set the path upon which this seemingly innocuous step will put me (and, perhaps you) on but, it will also help me while away 20 minutes or so of idle time tonight.

I shall start off by letting you know that this page shall be extremely self-centered in nature and in the rare event that I think long enough to impart a view on an issue, I shall extol virtues that I will preach with prose akin to the viscosity of high fructose content syrup but, will never, ever practice.

Furthermore, I am particularly fond of weaving profanity into my work and enjoy incorporating twisted, creative slang wherever possible. As I am secular (in this regard), I embrace using all forms of verbal abuse – regional, international, aboriginal. In fact, in my honest opinion, the world would be a happier place if the usual swear word were used openly to vent off steam. Then, I would not be the only one being stared at when the C-word slips out on a busy intersection.

I indulge in constructing fables when I am in a mystical and delusional state of mind and put myself in the protagonist’s role mostly, nay, always. These anecdotes will be graphic in nature and may cause slight discomfort in a multitude of ways – physically, sub-consciously & psychologically. My errant tales have led to despair on more than one occasion to the audience.

In the rarest-of-rare event that I am in a ‘sunshine’ state of mind, I shall write of enjoyable, humorous, even hope laden topics that will make you believe that Xanadu is a place within reach; full of mirth, overflowing with possibility and goodness, verdant with cud-chewing bovine, frolicking deer and overlooking aquamarine freshwater lakes brimming with cool water that quenches the parched throat of the weary traveler. Rest assured, these will be few and far in between.

‘Til next time, then.

Sidebar: Also, I am partial to making inane lists and will promptly post them along with lofty ideals to complete the set. I have rarely finished one in terms of practical practice.

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